Our heart is to be the RADIANT light of Christ to those who find themselves in darkness.


• Solid, Biblical Teaching
• Presence-Driven Worship
• Authentic Relationships That Build Healthy Marriages
• Fun, Clean, Safe, Christ-Centered Children’s Ministry
• Investing And Reaching The Community



We offer a full children's ministry each Sunday from birth-5th grade. Your child can expect to have a GREAT TIME! Each service includes high-energy worship, an interactive message, and lots of fun games! Check-in begins fifteen minutes prior to service.






Our heart is to reach those who feel like there must be more in life. When I was younger I read a book on miracles and was blown away. I had always known God and been involved with church, but had not realized that God still moves in today’s time. I felt the Lord tell me that he wants to move and be alive in my life and from that moment the Bible and my relationship with him changed forever. I know that true life is only found in following Christ.

However, I think my story is the story of many people. We find ourselves wanting more, but don’t know where to go or how to find what we are looking for. It is almost like we are lost in a fog or darkness uncertain where to turn. In fact, I believe it is like this for many people in Chattanooga. Chattanooga is a great city, in a great state…but many people have lost their first love, Christ. Actually, twice in the last three years, Chattanooga has been ranked as the most “Bible Minded City In America”, but what is interesting is that there are more people who identify themselves religiously as “unclaimed” than as an Evangelical Christian. There is a growing disconnect!

Most would say they know of God, but would not consider him to be alive or real in a personal way. Our heart as Radiant Church is to be the true, real, radiant light of Christ because there are people that need to know God is real, he loves them, and that true life is only found in him!